Cox Arboretum – My Visit April 2009

Cox Arboretum - April 2009

If you find yourself with a few spare hours this weekend I would highly recommend a visit to the Cox Arboretum on 6733 Springboro Pike in

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Dayton, Ohio. From Middletown the Arboretum is roughly a 25 minute drive. Or to give you another idea on the time and distance it”s about 3-5 minutes past the Dayton Mall. Simply take the I75 Miamisburgh-Springboro exit, turn right at the bottom of the ramp, then take the fist left onto Spingboro Pike. Head North for just a few minutes and you will see the signs for the Arboretum on your left.

The Arboretum is located on 189 acres of land owned by Five Rivers MetroPark which serves the greater Dayton area. The park includes:

* Shrub Garden with more than 500 different trees and shrubs
* Woodland Wildflower Garden
* Rock Garden
* Water Garden
* Clematis Arbor
* Crabapple Allee
* Stonewall Perennial Garden
* Meditation Garden
* Conifer Collection
* Bell Children”s Maze
* Edible Landscape Garden
* Conservation Corner (Prairie, Bird Blind) Praire Plants Brochure
* Butterfly House and Garden (Butterfly House is a seasonal display)

It was two weeks ago when my wife and I were last there. At the time only a few types of flowers were were starting to bloom. I can only imagine there is ten times the color to be enjoyed there now.

Cox Arboretum - April 2009 - Flowering DogwoodIf you enjoy walking there are several trails leading through wooded areas and of course the main paved paths around the beautifully kept grounds of the Arboretum. The main paved path takes you past two wonderful ponds full of turtles and giant coy. To make a single loop around the main grounds you should plan on at least a 30 minute walk. If you stop to take in the scenery that time could easily double.

With the weather looking wonderful for this weekend I hope you can give the Cox Arboretum a try. I am sure you will enjoy it.

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